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Some words about me

Hi, I’m David, the owner of Wine Ventures.
Before we spend a full day wine-touring together, I guess it’d be fair you know my background.
I’m French (but very nice!): educated in France, employed abroad.

My early passion for travelling and history led me to pursue studies in these fields, right after obtaining my high school Literary Certificate.
Thus, I successfully passed my Diploma in Tourism and my Master Degree in Art History.

Meanwhile, I travelled aplenty in various continents, while building my professional experience in Dublin.
Back to 2008, I discovered Barcelona and became so infatuated with the place I therefore decided to move to Spain.

Yet, my career path steered me away from my field of studies. For over 15 years, I did office work.
I climbed the corporate ladder as a People Manager in prestigious multinational companies.
Despite my professional success, I had a nagging feeling that something was missing nonetheless.

This all began when I fell in love with Catalonia. More precisely, with the Penedès country area.
For years, I used to live in Sitges (Penedès), a beach resort on the outskirts of Barcelona.
This place is a blessing for nature lovers: the variety of sceneries encompasses sunny seaside, Mediterranean country landscape, spectacular mountain views and flora brimming forest.
Penedès is famous for precursing wine making in Europe and maintaining this tradition for an impressive 2,700 year period.
Hence, the history of wine making is intimately part of the region’s culture and folklore.

While scouring the place, I also became increasingly attached to its people. I befriended lovely local wine producers who enthusiastically shared stories about their rich cultural heritage. As it turns out, they converted me from Champagne to Cava and from Burgondy to Xarello wines, putting me on the “most wanted” list in my native country.
The sheer authenticity of this whole experience truly resonated with me: I knew I wanted to showcase my region of adoption.
Following this realization, I quitted my office job, along with a guaranteed pay check, and never looked back since then.
By some twist of fate, I came back to my original passion: tourism.

Now, let me share with you that very same genuine, rural experience through wine tasting, with real local people!

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  • High school Literary Certificate
  • Diploma in Tourism
  • Master Degree in Art History