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Wine Ventures, tasting wine around Barcelona.

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why choosing wine ventures?

Are you on holidays in Barcelona, yet craving a landscape getaway?

For a complete Catalonian adventure encompassing tasting great wines and authentic countryside experience: spend one day enjoying locally produced-wine with David AKA me!


Why wine tasting?

Catalonia has been pioneering wine making for over 2,700 years and this tradition is still perpetuated to these days. Through my wine tasting tours, you’ll discover the very essence of Catalonia: its gorgeous sceneries, cultural heritage, agricultural evolution, typical gastronomy and local folklore.

Cava is undoubtedly the Catalonian star product that just cannot go amiss.
3 sparkling wines only benefit from the Denominación de Origen status - literally, “designation of origin”: Champagne, Prosecco and, you guessed it, Cava.

Additionally, the exceptional climate of the region allows the 250+ wineries to make special unique wines using some of the native grape varieties such as xarello, my new obsession.
The opportunity to taste world-class wines and cava in its homeland can be yours!

My Guarantee

My objective is to offer a true to life discovery of Catalonias countryside, off the beaten tracks. The province is quite large, but most visitors will only see Barcelona and the famous beach resorts of Costa Brava.
I’m offering my guests everything I’m looking for when I travel: human-scaled and authentic tours, away from the impersonal mass-tourists format.

Private and Personal

My tours are exclusive: no other visitors joining the party. I’ll be dedicated to you only and nobody else for the day.

Sustainable tourism

I’ve decided to privilege family businesses over huge factory-sized wineries. Human-scaled places only enable fully committed, personal interactions with visitors. My preference always go to those who take care of their land in the most sustainable way.

Authentic experience with real people

I’m working solely with passionate local people: enthusiastic about their cultural heritage and happy to share with you their traditions. My tours are slow paced, so you can take the time to know them!

Tailored to your needs

My tours can be customized according to your preferences: from your food requirements for lunch, to winery types or family friendly options. Do not hesitate to contact me to let me know what you need.

Catered for one person to bigger groups

For groups over 4 people, please try to give me as much notice as possible so I can arrange the vehicle.